Kumeyaay Between the Tides

A story of cultural persistence that centers the past, present and future relationship Kumeyaay people have to the intertidal zone. We follow Dr. Stan Rodriguez, President of Kumeyaay Community College, as he teaches about traditional ecological knowledge and the cultural and spiritual connection the Kumeyaay have to the land-sea interface.

Why ReWilding Matters

Check out the first half of this documentary on ReWilding wetlands in northern California on the homelands of the Yurok people. Watch the entire documentary to learn about ReWilding in the United Kingdom and Japan. Watch the documentary! Across the planet people are ReWilding!  Let’s ReWild Mission Bay!

What is CEQA?

CEQA stands for the California Environmental Quality Act originally passed in 1970. CEQA requires government agencies to consider the environmental consequences of their actions before approving plans and policies or committing to a course of action on a project. It also requires a public process where you the public, get Read more…