CEQA stands for the California Environmental Quality Act originally passed in 1970. CEQA requires government agencies to consider the environmental consequences of their actions before approving plans and policies or committing to a course of action on a project.

It also requires a public process where you the public, get to have input. Depending on the project, this may include public meetings, online meetings, opportunities to suggest what should be studied in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and to challenge the EIR’s findings.

In other words, for most projects CEQA requires public input and participation. It doesn’t mean that the most environmentally sensitive project is approved, but what it does mean is that potential damages to air and water quality are known up front. It does mean that you know how much encroachment into your favorite open space will be allowed. And it does mean that options for legal action are available if the CEQA process is not done correctly.

You can learn all the details about CEQA on the State’s website.

Screen shot showing some of the signatories to the letter

The logos of some of the signatories to the letter. Read the full letter to see the full list.

The Friends of Rose Creek support to efforts of CEQA Works. We are proud to have joined with environmental and social justice organizations up and down the state to sign a letter supporting CEQA and the tools it provides for We The People to have a say!


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