Did you know that palms are just really big grasses?

Did you know that palms are not native to coastal San Diego?

Photo of helicopter airlifting a Mexican Fan Palm out of Navajo Canyon

Invasive Mexican Fan Palm being airlifted out of Navajo Canyon

Did you know that some palms are invasive, spread from your yard into our waterways and restrict water flow that can lead to flooding?

Did you know that the Mexican Fan Palm and Canary Island Date Palm are huge problems in Southern California?

Want to know the answers to all these questions?

The Mexican fan palm (Washingtonia robusta) and Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) are both highly popular decorative trees that are not native to San Diego, but are still grown, sold, and planted prolifically across the city. They are also extremely invasive. What happens so often with invasive decorative species is that they make their way from your backyard or from sidewalks and medians to the city’s urban green spaces, like Navajo canyon, where they do untold damage to the ecosystem, not to mention the risk they pose to nearby property. 

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A huge shout out to our friends at San Diego Canyonlands for doing the hard work or removing invasive palms that have escaped from yards into our wild places.

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