Karin Zirk, our Executive Director, is going abroad for a year to study.  This leaves the Native Plant Garden without a coordinator, no Site Captain for I Love A Clean San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Day on September 17, 2022. or Creek to Bay Cleanup in April 2023.

Image of hands volunteeringWe are funding two spots for individuals who want to attend the Environmental Leadership Summit on September 17 and represent Rose Creek. This is a great opportunity to connect with environmental movers and shakers, learn about California’s 30 x 30 project and what it means for San Diego, and connect with other community group leaders.

We also need someone to take photos of Rose Creek and post them on Instagram.  This can be done on your own schedule and you can do it a few times a month.  Photos of birds, water, sunsets, plants, bugs, reptiles,

If you are interested in taking on any of these tasks, please Contact Us.

Karin will be available via Zoom, email, etc. for training, support, and collaboration all year long.

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Kristen Victor · August 1, 2022 at 1:59 PM

I am interested in the volunteer position with Rose Creek.

Thank you.

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