San Diego Audubon Society LogoSan Diego Audubon Society (SDAS) seeks to shape a culture in San Diego where nature is a common interest of all – where people learn to appreciate, understand, and actively protect the natural world. As we inspire others to join us in strengthening this culture of conservation, our region’s irreplaceable biodiversity will be more highly valued and vigorously protected.

The Friends of Rose Creek consider SDAS a close partner and appreciate all the support they have given us over the years. From leading our first guided bird walks in 2005, to sharing their volunteers with us on habitat restoration projects,  we rely on them in so many ways.

Originally founded in 1948, SDAS has served the region for over 70 years. SDAS serves a diverse population, with community-based habitat restoration projects, environmental education programs, and recreational offerings in North County, Metro, East County, and South Bay communities.

Check out their calendar for upcoming events.

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