The Native Plant Garden at Rose Creek in Pacific Beach was started in the mid-1990s by The Nature School. Since 2004 the Friends of Rose Creek have managed and expanded the garden. We are seeking a new “coordinator” to:

  • water newly planted native plants as needed
  • trim and remove non-native invasive species
  • expand the native plant garden by preparing the area, obtaining plants, and installing plants.
  • partner with volunteers and community groups to managed the garden.

Time commitment: four to ten hours per month. You don’t need to do all the work yourself but you will need to make sure the work gets done!

Photos of Nave Plant Garden

Coast Sunflower

Required Qualifications: demonstrated teamwork skills such as getting along well  with others, respecting others’ physical abilities and contributions, and helping/offering assistance to volunteers at all times. Basic understanding of hydration and tool safety protocols; ability to identify and consider creative, practical ideas to improve work efficiencies (i.e., adaptive management, problem-solving, and “thinking on your feet”); willingness to learn about non-native and native plants; and must be able to conduct field work including standing/hiking for two to three hours at a time.

This is a volunteer opportunity.

Contact Karin Zirk 858-405-7503 or info at saverosecreek dot org for more information and to discuss this opportunity.



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