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Great opportunity to:

  •  Learn the skill set of water sampling in urban creeks anywhere – at no charge.
  •  Learn about water-testing for pollutants in Rose Creek, the major urban stream that feeds fresh water into Mission Bay.
  •  Provide data to ReWild Mission Bay ( /San Diego Audubon and UCSD’s Kendall Frost Marsh to help them justify wetland restoration between the Creek and the Bay.
  • Participate with others committed to restoring the natural environment of Mission Bay.

Why do this?

The project’s purpose is to study the water quality in Rose Creek for pollutants that flow into Mission Bay. We are likely to find pollutants which adversely affect Mission Bay, and which can be mitigated by passing through wetlands.


1. An initial hands-on training in water sampling training with San Diego Coastkeeper.
2. Twice a year water-sampling event in Rose Creek, once in a dry season and once in wet season with fellow Volunteers.
3. Times and dates to be arranged to accommodate volunteers’ schedules as much as possible.

A great opportunity to have a potentially helpful skill for a resume if you are a future marine biologist or work in a related field.

Please contact Adrienne Ferrell, Rose Creek Volunteer at six one nine-977-one seven four eight .

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