Save Marian Bear Park

Oppose 3 New Lanes on State Route 52
Along the edge of Marian Bear Park

Plus massive new highway connectors to I-5 & I-805 These disastrous highway projects are in the Draft of the new “2021 Regional Plan”

The SANDAG BOD will vote in December on whether to approve the Regional Plan These projects should be removed from the Regional Plan

Call and email these 3 Elected Officials on SANDAG’s BOD Tell them: “The future of Marian Bear Park depends on you.” “When you vote on the Regional Plan, be sure it contains No planned additional lanes & No planned new highway
connectors on the 52 between I-5 & I-805.”

1. Contact Friends of Rose Canyon on how else you can help:
2. Urge friends and neighbors to call and email NOW to Save Marian Bear Park.

Download the flyer in PDF format here.

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