Thanks to a partnership with Christ Lutheran Church, The Friends of Rose Creek are eligible for a 50% match on donations made to our fiscal sponsor for our use. This means, your $50 donation becomes $75 dollars and your $20 donation becomes $30.  All funds are used for maintenance of Rose Creek including habitat restoration and trash removal.   All work is performed by volunteers, but supplies and plants are not free. Every donation helps to protect and enhance this critical coastal salt marsh.

Why donate to help support Rose Creek?

Complete the application and send via US Mail in a stamped and postmarked envelope, postmarked on or after the start date of the program (October 1, 2021). Applications can only be submitted via US mail with a stamp and postmark.

Download the application here with mailing instructions: Click here for Donation Form

In the memo field of the check, please write “Rose Creek legal fund”.

Donations must be postmarked on or after October 1st. Matching funds run out, so please mail your donation on October1st if at all possible.

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