OCHabitats_LogosToday’s information on the salt marsh habitat comes from OC Habitats and is focused on the salt marshes of Upper Newport Bay.  While these salts marshes are much larger than the stretch of Rose Creek from Garnet Avenue heading south into Mission Bay, with our partners at ReWild Mission Bay and the UCSD Natural Reserve at Kendall-Frost Marsh, we are hoping to expand the Rose Creek Salt Marsh, reconnect with the Kendall-Frost Marsh and the Northern Wildlife Preserve.  After all for thousands if not tens of thousands of years, Rose Creek was the fresh water source for a huge complex of wetlands that include Kendall-Frost.

Photo of salt marsh habitats

Our journey today begins in Upper Newport Bay located in Newport Beach, California. Within just a short walk through this bay one can experience a range of habitat types from coastal sage scrub to riparian to wetlands. The salt marshes nestled within the bay procures its water from the tidal influences of the Pacific Ocean as the tides rise (and fall) through the Upper Newport Bay channel where it fills the marsh daily. A salt marsh is a wetland and requires a water source and generally has different tidal inundations throughout the day.


To read the rest of the article by by Amanda Savage, click here.

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