Governor Newsom advanced Executive Order N-82-20 in October 2020, enlisting California’s vast network of natural and working lands – forests, rangelands, farms, wetlands, coast, deserts and urban greenspaces – in the fight against climate change. A core pillar of Governor Newsom’s climate agenda, these novel approaches will help clean the air and water for communities throughout the state and support California’s unique biodiversity.

Learn more and provide input at the California Nature website.

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laurie carlock · May 6, 2021 at 1:46 PM

We need to start NOW and set a plan for action now and by when, break it down and start now. the goal needs to be way before 2030, that will be too late. What will we do this month, next month, what are our goals for 6 months by now. We are in an urgent situation, we need to get that message out NOW.

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