On the morning of October 10, two experienced Rose Creek naturalists lead a walk along Rose Creek and spotted a cornucopia of different birds species and it was still early for the Snow Birds that come down from the north to winter in Rose Creek. Imagine what you may see this winter at one of our guided walks.

Enjoy this report from one of our volunteers.

Just Kxxx and I (Lxxx) are present for the 8 a.m. guided bird walk at Rose Creek, we wait 10 mins and start to walk along the chain link fence towards the Mike Gotch foot bridge and Mission Bay High School ball field. We have just started and Kxxx has spotted two hawks, two different hawks next to each other on the fence. I cannot even see it. Binoculars and then I can see two hawks close to each other, Kxxx says it is a red shoulder hawk that has caught a bird and a coopers hawk unusually near the hawk!

By the time we reach their perch, all that is left, two wings hanging on the fence and a few guts on the ground covered with ants. Wow, we’re on our way again.

Kxxx keeps spotting the vermilion flycatcher here and there, morning and evening walks. Listed on his bird guild as a small bird, once pointed out, the flash of orange stood out. This bird is listed as exotic and a rarity in San Diego.

Between the Grand Avenue and Garnet Avenue bridges, the upper estuary, we saw a small eared grebe  and later the western grebe, both similar markings, one much smaller, lots of American coots, “hawk eye Kxxx” spotted a small green heron, only with binoculars could I see all the yellow strips on legs and body, the bird blended into the dark mud along the green edges.

There was a kestrel, but I didn’t see it! No osprey, on these walks, unusual! 2 belted kingfishers, Kxxx thinks two males due to their interactions. Cormorant flying in and out under the bridge. Young western gull, spotted sandpiper. black phoebe, big great blue heron, snowy egret, blue-winged teal, mallards, sparrows, wrentit, western bluebird, and a swallow.

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