A local birdwatcher has put together a list of birds that you can see or hear in the Pacific Beach portion of Rose Creek and/or the Rose Creek Salt Marsh and Estuary.  We challenge you to spot as many of these birds as you can find.

As an FYI, the Estuary is downstream of Garnet Avenue heading towards Mission Bay. The Riparian area is upstream of Garnet Avenue heading towards Mission Bay Drive and the freeway.  Many of the birds in the Riparian area are hard to see, but easier to hear. Click the image to enlarge.

Image of Rose Creek Bird ListDownload the document in PDF format here.

If you want help identifying the birds, come to one of our guided walks. Check our calendar for dates and times.

Download iNaturalist on your app enabled device. Wth iNaturalist you can record the audio of a bird singing and volunteers around the globe will help you identify it.




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