Image of Black Birders Week ScheduleInaugural Black Birders Week Runs Through This Friday, June 5th
Within a matter of days after the Christian Cooper incident, a coalition of scientists, birders, and outdoor advocates launched a campaign to encourage birding and related outdoor activities among persons and communities of color under the name and hashtag #BlackBirdersWeek.
Co-organizer Corina Newsome, a graduate student at Georgia Southern University studying the Seaside Sparrow, said African-American outdoor advocates shouldn’t be deterred by those who have attempted to make public outdoor spaces hostile.
“This effort was borne out of a large friend group of black scientists and outdoor explorers who want to make sure the world knows black birders belong here,” said Newsome. “We are thriving, and our community is growing. We want members of our community who might be interested in birding and outdoor exploration to know they are welcome here.” Follow along at the #BlackBirdersWeek website.


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