Spending time in your garden?   Learn what garden plants beautify your home without wrecking havoc on San Diego’s wild places.cover of Don't Plant a Best Brochure

The Don’t Plant a Pest! program is the result of collaboration between the ecological restoration and horticultural communities.Not only does the program identify what NOT to plant, it provides alternatives that are good for your yard and our native landscapes.

Cal-IPC defines invasive plants as: plants that are not native to an environment, and once introduced, they establish, quickly reproduce and spread, and cause harm to the environment, economy, or human health. The Inventory categorizes these plants according to the definitions below. Plants were evaluated only if they invade California wildlands with native habitat values. The Inventory does not include plants found solely in areas of human-caused disturbance such as roadsides and cultivated agricultural fields. CAL-IPC

Find a list of the worst of the worse and suitable alternatives at the California Invasive Plant Council’s website.

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