The Friends of Rose Creek was formed in November 2004 to care for Rose Creek — a beautiful wetlands complex in San Diego. From upstream fresh water riparian habitat to the salt marsh and estuary where the creek empties into Mission Bay by Mission Bay High School, we have done the physical work, paid for it out of our own pockets, and tried to share this special place with as many people as we could. However, the City of San Diego recently approved rezoning of the area along the creek to increase the population seven fold. I want to cry. With the current population, we pull an average of 4 tons of trash out of the creek each year. I can’t even imagine 28 tons of trash. All this without any support from the City of San Diego.

All we are asking is for the City to do right by Rose Creek and apparently in this town, if you want anything, you need to hire a lawyer as two decades of asking, meetings, etc. is not enough. Unfortunately, none of our volunteers are attorneys so we had to hire one.

We really need help paying our attorney so that Rose Creek can receive support from the City.

We are probably one of the smallest groups asking for financial support on #GivingTuesday. This means that your donation or $25 – $100 means the world to us.

Thank you to everyone who participated in caring for Rose Creek in 2019!  It’s been quite a year and now we need your help one more time. We need your donations today when we need to remember to think globally, but act locally by supporting your local wetlands: Rose Creek. Stand up and be counted as one of the people who say enough is enough and demand the City of San Diego work for We the People instead of the developers.

We are $1,500 short on our December fund raising goal. If 60 people donate $25 each we will met our goal.

Our fiscal sponsor is San Diego Earth Day, the 501(c)3 that puts on the huge Earth Day Fair in Balboa Park. This means your contributions are tax deductible under federal law if you itemize your taxes.
To donate via Facebook, visit our Giving Tuesday campaign. — This is the fastest and easiest way to donate.

To donate directly via San Diego Earth Day online, you will need create a login on their website. If you already have a login with them, click here.

Donations via check can be sent to our fiscal sponsor:
San Diego Earth Day, PO Box 9827, San Diego, CA 92169 — In the memo field write “Rose Creek”.

On behalf of the birds, trees, bushes, lizards, fish and crustaceans of Rose Creek,





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