Progress Continues on the Rose Creek Bikeway

Over the past several months, construction crews made significant progress on the Rose Creek Bikeway as they completed work on the pedestrian bridge south of Santa Fe Street and began construction of the bikeway on Santa Fe Street between the cul-de-sac at the northern end and the new pedestrian bridge at the southern end. Recent construction activities on the west side of Santa Fe Street included:

  • Clearing of the roadway shoulder to make way for the new bike path
  • Shifting chain link fencing further west on Santa Fe Street to accommodate the new wall and curb that will form the western edge of the bikeway
  • Installing a wall and setting forms for the new curb

Other construction milestones achieved on the Rose Creek Bikeway project over the last few months included continued drainage improvements and utility work, railing installation, and paving of the trail at the I-5/Mission Bay Drive undercrossing.

Photo of under crossing at Mission Bay Drive

Mission Bay Drive underpass

While significant progress has been made to date, there are many critical items that need to be completed before the new bikeway will be safe to ride. SANDAG reminds potential users that the entire Rose Creek Bikeway project area is an active construction zone and trespassing on the path is prohibited. The project is expected to be complete and open to the public in mid-2020. To learn more about the project, please visit

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