Who are the Native Americans behind one of the largest Casino Resorts in California? Find out in “Reserved Wealth”–an insiders look at the life and history of the Barona Indian Reservation, home to the Kumeyaay tribe.

Filmmaker Kevin VanWanseele returns to his reservation and discovers how the enormous amount of wealth has changed the culture of the Kumeyaay so little? How has this tribe maintained control of its multi million-dollar industry? Can this small tribe survive the pitfalls of new wealth? This film also explores the years of genocide, slavery, and marginalization these people have had to overcome.

“Reserved Wealth” is the story of a people beaten down only to emerge as one of the wealthiest and most generous tribes in America.

The film is in five parts and the quality of the video isn’t that great, but it’s a fascinating insiders look at one Kumeyaay family, past and present.


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