San Diego County is home to Kumeyaay Community College, where indigenous and non-indigenous students can obtain an Associate in Arts in Kumeyaay Studies from an accredited college that teaches arts, science, language and botany based on Kumeyaay perspectives.

The Mission of Kumeyaay Community College is to promote a quality education focusing on Kumeyaay Studies for the Community interested in a unique and supportive educational experience.

  • Promotion of Indigenous Sovereignty and self-determination.

  • Preservation of Indigenous values of family, respect, healing, and spiritual awareness.

  • Development of a supportive learning environment for the community.

  • Promotion of cultural education by embracing cognitive development and.traditional teaching methods.

  • Design and development of curriculum that prepares students professionally and socially to succeed in a diverse global society.

Learn more at Kumeyaay Community College.


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