Screenshot of USD web pageOn Friday, September 22, 2017, the University of San Diego, in conjunction with the Office of Tribal Liaison, dedicated and opened the Kumeyaay Garden.

This was a beautiful ceremony that kicked off the garden in grand fashion.

In celebrating Native American culture, the event included Bird Songs, storytelling, ethnobotany tours, Kumeyaay cultural activities, and an art exhibition. Hands-on activities included basket making, Kumeyaay games and smoothies made with ingredients gathered from plants indigenous to Southern California.

The Agave Harvest and Tasting is an annual event sponsored by the Malki Museum. It is held on two consecutive Saturdays in mid- to late-April, when the Agave plants were traditionally gathered. The agave or amul was a basic food staple for indigenous people of Southern California. Reservations Recommended: Please call (951) 849 7289.

To learn more, visit the Kumeyaay Garden web page.


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