The Kumeyaay are the people who were living in this region when the Spanish arrived. For hundreds of years, their culture was under attack but times are changing. Cuyamaca College and the Tribes of San Diego sponsor Kumeyaay Community College in El Cajon with information on Kumeyaay history, language and culture. Classes are open to anyone and can be used a college level credit at Cuyamaca Community College and potentially other community colleges.

Kumeyaay Community College is dedicated to creating a program of superior education and academic training through Native people’s worldview with an emphasis on the Kumeyaay perspective.

Study ethnobotany and ethnoecology, gain an understanding about the landscape and plants of the area, and/or learn about Kumeyaay history, language, arts and culture.

To learn more, visit the Kumeyaay Community College website.


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