The City of San Diego has released the Summary of Public Participation and Input on the Three Draft Concept Alternatives is now available! Download the Summary to see the wide range of interests and input received from the public input on the three Draft Concept Alternatives.  The Summary represents feedback received from Community Workshop No. 3, the online engagement activity, and all of the emails and letter submitted to the City regarding the draft concept alternatives. 

 The Project Team is working to prepare a refined series of alternatives in response to all of the input received and are looking forward to meeting with the Ad-hoc Committee in June 2017.  The purpose of the upcoming Ad-hoc Committee meeting will be to discuss feedback received and refinements to the draft Concept Alternatives. We look forward to working with the community and Ad-hoc Committee through the next phase of the process as the City responds to public feedback on the draft concepts and tests them for technical feasibility, economic viability and  environmental compatibility.

See the News & Events page for more information on Community Workshop No.3 in November 2016 and to view  the three Draft Concept Alternatives.

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