balboaAveStationTwo surveys are posted on the Balboa Ave Station area specific plan website.

Please let the project planners know, we oppose any more bridges across Rose Creek. Bridges change the ecosystem below the creek and put more concrete into our natural places. We want less concrete, not more. Ask the project planners to identify how to make safe passage across the Grand and Garnet Avenue bridges for non-motorized travel.  We want more natural habitat not less.

Please let the project planners know we want to be able to get to and from this station by foot, bike, skateboard, scooter, roller blades, etc. Please let the project planners know that if they link up to the Rose Creek Bike Path, they need to provide trash cans with regular pickup and maintenance on the bike path.

Click here to take the surveys (please note, one of them closes on June 30).  The second one shows some alternatives for getting people to and from the trolley station without using a vehicle. This is your chance to speak for Rose Creek and the community. Please take advantage of the opportunity.

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