If you missed the last meetings on mobility planning efforts for access to the Balboa Avenue Station of the Mid-Coast Trolley, you can still participate via the on-line survey.

Because Rose Creek and the Rose Creek Bike Path are tightly intertwined with the efforts to get pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, etc. from the trolley station into Pacific Beach and Mission Bay safely, the project planners are focused on making a connection from Mission Bay Drive @ Magnolia Street to the Rose Creek Bike Path.  While the Friends of Rose Creek want to encourage the public to enjoy this special place, we do have a number of concerns.

This is a multi-use path with bicyclists, dog walkers, families bird watching and is very narrow — only about 8 feet wide – the minimum for a Class I multi use path. Modern standards recommend that a standard multi-use path should be at least 10-12 feet wide. We strongly support widening the path to the east but not to the west.

The creek suffers from significant issues with trash and dumping in this area due to a lack of City of San Diego provided trash receptacles — more people just means more trash if there is no place to put it.

The survey will be open until the end of June and your feedback is critical to insuring that this project enhances the existing Rose Creek Bike Path, not just uses it to solve other problems. Please let the project team know that protecting the natural resources of Rose Creek is critical, improving the bike path is a must, and demand the City put trash cans along the route.   Click here to take the survey.

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