The plans and engineering to construct the Rose Creek Bikeway are about one-third complete. The Rose Creek Bikeway is being designed as a shared use path for people riding bikes and people walking along Rose Creek in its southern reach , and two-way protected bike lanes along the west side of Santa Fe Street in its northern reach.

While the plans are being drawn, the environmental studies are being finished and the draft environmental document is being prepared for the public review and comment period, which is anticipated to be in spring of 2015. An open house showcasing the design is planned around that time to coincide with the beginning of the environmental document public review and comment period. The next steps after completing the environmental process and design will be to collect bids for constructing the project and, finally, to begin building the project! It is anticipated that construction will begin in 2016.

Please direct any questions to:
Chris Carterette, Project Manager

(* Content courtesy of SANDAG)

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