Volunteers are needed to help with Love Your Wetlands Day, which takes place on Saturday, February 15 in the Kendall-Marsh Preserve near Crown Point in Pacific Beach.

Volunteer training to assist with the event will be held on Saturday, February 1, noon – 3 pm.  Activities will include:

  • Training in plant transplanting technique
  • Training in overview of marsh functions, plants, and animals, movement through upper marsh, and tour routes for tour guides
  • Cleaning and set-up of trailer — may need to be continued the following Saturday, Feb. 8, in the afternoon

If you are not familiar with the marsh, normally entry is forbidden. However, by volunteering for this event, you will have the chance to be up-close and personal with the marsh.  Read more about the marsh on-line.

To volunteer, call  (858)534-2077 or email the Reserves Manager and Academic Coordinator.

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