As many of you know by now, SANDAG is very busy with public meetings on what they call the “Coastal Rail Trail.”   While this name worked well for the North County segment, when you get into the Rose Creek Watershed, the trail is not necessarily along the rail or along the coast.  At any rate, SANDAG has a propensity for calling last minute meetings and not knowing how to manage email lists (although they are getting better).  Two of the Rose Creek Watershed segments are having meetings where the public is encouraged to participate.

First up is the lower section of the watershed on Thursday, August 15, 2013, 6-8 P.M.
SANDAG will host the second of three community workshops on the Rose Creek Bikeway Project at the Mission Bay High School Library, located at 2475 Grand Avenue in San Diego. Community input will be sought on initial designs for this important bikeway connection. For the official information, click here.
The second meeting is looking at the top 7 or 8 alignment alternatives to get bicyclists safely from Sorrento Valley to  the I-5/Gilmand Drive intersection (where the entrance to the Rose Canyon Bike Path is located).  The next Public Working Group Meeting is open to all and we will be discussing the alternative alignments that met all the criteria developed by the public.   The date proposed was August 28 in the late afternoon/early evening – but that’s still tentative based on availability of the working group members.  I will update this blog post when I get the actual date.

The Friends of Rose Creek would like to encourage everyone to get involved.  Connecting our communities is our tag line and we mean it. We want human beings to be able to travel between the communities in the Rose Creek Watershed without a motorized vehicle and bike paths are key to creating safe travel between the communities of University City, Clairemont, Pacific Beach and Mission Bay Park.  Please take the time to lend your voice.


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