Thanks to everyone for coming out for Rose Creek Fest yesterday. I had a wonderful time and by the smiles and laughter on the faces of the many, many children, everyone else did as well. Thanks to Mayor Bob Filner, and Councilmembers Kevin Faulconer, Sherri Lightner and Lorie Zapf for coming out and support Rose Creek. The Mission Bay High School Jazz Preservationists were great and while I missed Dr. Khevin “Dr. Wilderness” Barnes doing his magic, the word at Campland on the Bay was it was great.

A huge thank you to the wonderful Naturalists who educated all of us on some of the marvels of Rose Creek. Environmental Scientist/Fisheries Biologist Russell Barabe of the California Department of Fish & Game  Carrie let us see and touch the fish that live in Rose Creek.  San Diego native and former staff member of San Diego Park & Rec Open Space Division, Trent Robinson, helped us understand the relationship between the birds and the fish as well as spotting  a Red Shouldered Hawk just north of Garnet Avenue. Vice-president of the San Diego Field Ornithologists, Gary Nunn, spotted a Great Blue Heron trying to swallow and sandpiper and we watched for at least 5 minutes as the heron tried to swallow its meal. Biologist and San Diego Canyonlands Board Member, Dr. Carrie Schneider revealed the good, the bad and the ugly plants growing along Rose Creek and the Rose Creek Estuary.

As always we owe so much to Campland On The Bay for supporting not only this event but many, many events in the past. San Diego Earth Works performed their magic and put together a fun event for all. Finally, a huge shout out to Kelly Makely, the Rose Creek Watershed Coordinator, for making this happen.

Participants put a push pin in the map to indicate where they live in the watershed.

Participants put a push pin in the map to indicate where they live in the watershed.

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