Coastal Cleanup Day Rose Creek Cleanup Saturday, September 17. 2-11- 9am to 12 noon

Join the Friends of Rose Creek, San Diego Coastkeeper and I Love a Clean San Diego as we clean up Rose Creek. Meet at Mission Bay High School (Faculty/East parking lot) in Pacific Beach. 2475 Grand Avenue.

Bring Your Own Campaign

We are asking groups to try to bring their own reusable items to the cleanup, including wheel barrows, wagons, tarps, buckets, work gloves, and reusable water bottles to cut down on waste generated at this event.  San Diego Coastkeeper and I Love A Clean San Diego are sponsoring a decorate your bucket contest for kids.  For details on how to enter, click here.

As an added incentive to bringing your own, each volunteer who brings a wheel barros, wagon, tarp or bucket will receive an extra raffle ticket for each object. So bring a wheel barrow and a bucket, 2 more chances to win.

For Kids

Make sure to visit the Coastal Cleanup Day Kids page for all the info on kid specifics. Please note that the scout badges will be handled online, so you’ll want to fill out the online form after the event to get your scout patch.

General Info

Please wear sunscreen, closed-toe shoes, and a hat. We are hoping to send a crew into an area of the creek with Poison Oak. If you’re interested in pulling trash out of the jungle, please wear long sleeves and volunteer for Poison Oak territory.

We’ll be cleaning up Rose Creek between Mission Bay High School and Mission Bay Drive as well as a site along Santa Fe Street if we get enough volunteers. – click here to sign up and preregister. If you’re not preregistered, please come 15 minutes early.

This is a great opportunity to obtain community service hours for students and learn about wetlands eco-systems.

Special Volunteer needs: We need someone with a pickup truck who can help haul trash from various points along the creek to our dumpster. We also could use someone with a mini-van to drive a crew of volunteers up to a site along Santa Fe Street that is over a mile away.

Check back for more info as we get closer to the event.

San Diego Coastkeeper and I Love A Clean San Diego, in partnership with the California Coastal Commission, will continue to coordinate San Diego’s largest volunteer event in support of the marine environment. The mission of CCD is to engage people to remove debris from the California’s beaches and waterways; to identify the sources of marine debris; and ultimately change the behaviors that cause pollution.  You are the people that are creating a cleaner healthy future for turtle, dolphins and humans.

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