Please if you can make one of these two meetings, we need public involvement.

Wednesday, July 20 Carmel Valley Recreation Center  3777 Townsgate Drive, San Diego, CA 92130 6 PM to 7 PM.
Thursday, July 21 Mission Trials Regional Park 1 Father Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego, CA 92119 6 PM to 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to ask questions. San Diego Coast Keeper will be making a presentation at the meeting on Thursday and we would like to encourage all to attend if possible, ask good questions and make pointed comments. The more bodies the better so bring your children, your neighbors or your date.

To read any of the city’s documents before the meeting, click here.

Even if you don’t have time to attend one of the meetings, please take the time to make comments by July 29.

Specifically we want Map 35 removed from the project altogether. This is the area of Rose Creek between Garnet Avenue and Grand Avenue. We also want the earthen bottom section of Map 34 removed from the program as well. This is the area between Garnet Avenue and just below Mission Bay Drive. Both these areas are rich feeding grounds for birds such as Great Blue Heron, Snow Egret and Osprey. Furthermore, the area covered by Map 35 is a fish spawning area. Both areas have had extensive restoration work performed by The Nature School, The Friends of Rose Creek and the City of San Diego Environmental Services to name just a few of the groups/agencies who have been working to restore the creek in this area.

Additionally, the city has yet to address how a 20 year permit will allow the public and community groups such as the Friends of Rose Creek to have input into the process before work takes place. We much prefer this to the alternative which is to sue the city after they’ve wrecked the creek.  It’s cheaper for all concerned.  The City has yet to resolve this issue and we consider it a major show stopper.

Comments on the Recirculated PEIR should be submitted in writing to: Myra Herrmann, Environmental Planner, City of San Diego, Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, MS 501, San Diego, CA 92101. Comments may also be submitted via email to and shall refer to “Project No. 42981” in the subject block. For more information, contact Myra Herrmann at 619-446-5372.

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