Ramona Crew in Action

Getting into the spirit of bring your own container.

We had an amazing time during Coastal Cleanup Day. Over 600 volunteers picked up over two thousand pounds of trash in the areas around Rose Creek. Mission Bay High School has a new mural and storms drains stenciled with I live downstream messages thanks to your time and energy.

Many volunteers joined in the spirit of recycling and reuse. People brought their own buckets to pick up trash, other people took home bits and pieces of bicycles that were hauled out of the creek.

Some special shout outs in no particular order:

  • The crew from Ramona who brought their own trash can on wheels
  • I Love A Clean San Diego
  • San Diego Coastkeeper
  • Friends of Mission Bay Marshes
  • The volunteers who took photos
  • All the children who came out to show the rest of the world what being a good citizen is all about.
  • Mission Bay High School
  • The cleanup team leaders

Thank you everyone for an amazing day. For information on how the day went for the rest of the county, visit the CleanupDay website.

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