The Friends of Rose Creek celebrated five years of loving Rose Creek. A list of our five year accomplishments will be posted here by the first week of January.

We’ve been working with the City of San Diego in lessening the impacts of their proposed Intermittent Stream Water Discharge Program – dumping the excess recycled water from the water recycling facility off Miramar Road into Rose and San Clemente Creeks (we don’t like the idea).

The City of San Diego Storm Drain Division has also proposed removing native vegetation from our creek beds to hasten the flow or storm water into our oceans and bays (we don’t like that idea either).

On a more positive note, the City of San Diego started laying sewer pipe under a stretch of Santa Fe Street. The stretch in the creek bed will be abandoned – lessening the need for the City of San Diego to drive in and out of the creek (WE LOVE THIS PROJECT).

The State of California is proposing putting a high speed rail adjacent to Rose Creek with eight foot high fences to prevent human crossing. (We don’t like this idea either).

In all of the above projects, we’ve have other groups working in San Diego as our allies. Probably our closest ally is the Friends of Rose Canyon. They are working diligently to protect
the upper portion of Rose Creek, North of Hwy 52, and in Rose Canyon Open Space Park. Since
we focus on the portions of Rose Creek South of Hwy 52, we work very closely together on these and other issues. The Friends of Rose Canyon is a 501(c)3 and we are not. Hence one can give tax deductible donations to them and the money helps fund the wonderful lawyers they hire to make sure the City of San Diego and the State of California don’t treat our beloved creek as open space for their transportation projects. Lawyers, as we all know, help keep our governments honest.

The Friends of Rose Canyon has an end of year fund raising campaign running just now, and if you could kick them a few dollars, it would help us keep a high speed train out of our creek.
To see their year end campaign and make a donation and find out how to get chocolate brownies, click here. Without their assistance, we would not be able to do what we’re doing.

A couple of shout outs also go to San Diego Canyonlands and all their hard working getting our children into San Diego’s wild spaces, providing financial support, and making sure our Canyons are protect. San Diego Audubon is always available to provide the scientific information on why bull dozing our creeks is a bad idea Last but not least, San Diego Earth Works has donated trees to Rose Creek, obtained funding for all sorts of important scientific studies that prevent bad things from happening to our creek and illuminate the way for good projects and put together the big Earth Fair in Balboa Park every year.

And thank you, the volunteers, for all the trash you’ve picked up, the weeds you’ve pulled, the plants you’ve dug holes for and the letters you’ve written to protect our creek. Your children’s, children’s children will thank you for it. SWe thank you for it. Have a wonderful and safe New Year.

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