For many years now, there has been a project to put a third bridge over Rose Creek connecting the west end of North Mission Bay Drive to the east end of Pacific Beach Drive in Pacific Beach. The bridge would be primarily for non-motorized traffic such as bikes, pedestrians, and other wheeled toys, but it would also be usable by emergency services personnel to insure ingress and egress to Pacific Beach during those crowded summer weekends when traffic is backed up on the other routes.

The project is moving forward due to funding from President’s Obama’s stimulus funds for “shovel ready” projects. According to the City of San Diego, plans are not yet finalized, but I do have a few PDF documents showing the plans as they currently exist.


Documents received from the City of San Diego on November 4, 2009:

01-15 Civil.pdf
16 Landscape.pdf
17-22 Electrical.pdf
23-35 Bridge.pdf
Bridge Details

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