A bit thanks to Campland on the Bay and Henry’s Marketplace in Pacific Beach for providing our volunteers with ice cream and fruit. We had 70 people turn out to pick up nearly a ton of trash from Rose Creek.

You helped keep more trash out of the “Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean that’s as large as the United States. For more info on marine debris, click here.

Here’s the update from the local cleanup day coordinators’:

On behalf of I Love A Clean San Diego and San Diego Coastkeeper, we would like to sincerely thank you for your involvement in the 25th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) in San Diego County.

Site captains show steadfast enthusiasm and stewardship, without which the event would not be possible. Thanks to your endeavors, we were able to properly honor the 25th anniversary of CCD with a 25% increase in volunteer support from last year! Your San Diego County Coordinators are thrilled to have worked with each of you as well as the 10,143 volunteers that took to the beaches, bays, canyons, rivers, creeks, and urban areas resulting in a cleaner and greener community. This combined effort prevented an astounding 133,453 pounds of debris from continuing to contaminate the outdoors that we strive to protect each year through this event.

Not only did you partake in a countywide environmental feat locally, you added to the success of a statewide event that hosted a total of 74,724 volunteers that removed over one million pounds of debris from close to 1,000 locations. The State of California in only one part of the International Coastal Cleanup, which took place in all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories, and 104 countries for a united worldwide effort to support our shared ocean. Everyone involved in this far-reaching event deserves a resounding thank you on behalf of our oceans, communities, and environment.

For more information on the overall event, we invite you to visit this year

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