The Friends of Rose Creek is a member of San Diego Canyonlands, a local 501(c)3 that is providing essential services for our canyons and creeks. They serve as a catalyst for grassroots community organizing infrastructure, education, inspiration, and encouragement, research / advocacy toward dedication of the San Diego Regional Canyonlands Park.

They currently have a matching grant opportunity – Aaron Contorer and the Contorer Family Foundation have offered a challenge grant to help bolster San Diego Canyonlands. The grant is for $10,000 per year for three years and the challenge is to raise a total of $10,000 per year with three-year pledges from individual donors like you!

That’s where you come in. Please pledge to donate $10 or $25 per year for the next three years. This great opportunity will provide partial funding for the hiring of a new program assistant for San Diego Canyonlands.

What does this mean for Rose Creek? – with an additional staff person, we can once again get support with volunteer recruitment and improve the turn out of our events. More volunteers at our events means less trash along the creek, more native trees and habitat, and less weeds. It means cooperative cleanup events between local schools and the Friends of Rose Creek and it helps give our local community group a voice at the table with the City of San Diego.

For more details on this great opportunity, please read the attached PDF document. SDCanyonlandsGrant.pdf

To make a three year pledge, just email San Diego Canyonlands today.

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