The Opportunities Assessment is on the Consent Agenda as ITEM-105: Accepting the Rose Creek Watershed Opportunities Assessment. (Clairemont Mesa, University, and Pacific Beach Community Areas. Districts 2 and 6.) I have attached a PDF of the Docket at the bottom of this post.

I have attached a PDF version of the Memorandum of understand that was signed by Rose Creek Watershed Alliance member groups including the Friends of Rose Creek as well as information on actions from the 2007 NR&C meetings at the bottom of this post. There are no changes proposed other than those agreed to earlier with city staff input and attached to the letter of March 25.

We are hoping the item will stay on the consent agenda. The Council agenda that day is extremely long and if the item stays on consent, we’ll be done in the a.m. Letters/notes of support would be very helpful. On Friday, a volunteer from the Friends of Rose Creek will be hand delivering all the postcards we have collected from community supporters.

The Friends of Rose Creek strongly encourage you to contact your City Council Representative and let him or her know you support watershed planning and the Rose Creek Watershed Opportunities Assessment. Let your representative know you appreciate their willingness to support interdisclipnary and comprehensive planning efforts and to improve the quality of life in our communities. All the council representatives’ contact information is available at

Just say YES! to the Opportunities Assessment!

Of if you would like to make a an official comment for a docket item, visit this website and complete the form.

You’ll need to put in docket #105 – October 21 on the form.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Or visit the Rose Creek Watershed Alliance website for more information on this project.

Think good thoughts next week and thank you for your support of the Rose Creek Watershed!


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