Thank you all for all your support of the Rose Creek Watershed. The City Council approved the Opportunities Assessment today for use by the City as a guidance document for city projects in the watershed. To read the document, click here.

This is huge milestone for the Friends of Rose Creek as one of the recommendations was for the City of San Diego to appoint one department to take on the management of the watershed and that includes the portion of the creek on which we are focused. So hopefully, instead of dealing with seven different city departments that point their fingers at each other when you ask “who is responsible,” we will have one department and one or two people as a point of contact.

Keep in mind, this is only a guidance document, but thanks to the wonderful work of the consultant who shepherded this project through the minefield that is the City of San Diego, there is a lot of City support and I’m hoping that at least the parts of the project that are cost neutral can be implemented.

Furthermore, the action by the City Council opens the door to grants and other sources of funding to implement projects identified in the plan. A huge leap forward! Thanks Ann for all your hard work!

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