Coastal Cleanup Day along Rose Creek was a huge success thanks to all the hard working volunteers – from the very, very young to those of us with grey hair – we did amazing work. Here’s the breakdown on what you did in about two hours:

Total mileage/area cleaned by participants: 1 mile on both sides of the creek for a total of 2 miles.

Total number of participants: 86

Average weight of bag: 5lbs.

Total Weight: 929 lbs (trash) + 200 lbs couches + 50 lbs in 2 propane tanks

Most unusual items included: water ski, grill for BBQ, 2 couches, 3 shopping carts, 1 contractor electrical cord, machete, surf board, guitar, jeans, and a cooler.

POST PARTY EVENT: Raffle held–raffled off tote bags, Sea World passes, Birch Aquarium passes, Hornblower cruise passes, event posters, See’s Candy, 2 t-shirts. And everyone got to enjoy ice cream treats courtesy of Campland on the Bay.

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts participating: 18 – GO SCOUTS! Just an FYI, some of these kids were four and five years old! An amazing group!

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