This important measure proposed by Councilmembers Frye and Faulconer will help address the needs of Mission Bay and support Rose and Tecolote creeks as well as the San Diego River and our regional parks. Basically, the Monday vote is to create a ballot initiative for the November election that would guarantee a percentage of funds generated by leaseholders in Mission Bay Park would be available for capital improvements in ROSE CREEK, Mission Bay Park and Tecolote Creek – plus regional parks. This is an amendment to the city charter.

Rose Creek would be eligible for funding for the area from the Southern End of the Santa Fe Flood Control Channel to Mission Bay and width wise to the nearest property line.

To read the complete ordinance, click here. To read more click here. To read the supplemental document from the city, click here.

The vote is scheduled for Monday, July 28 @ 2 PM. Item S401 on Monday 7/28. Take action today, please call, fax or email your city council representative and ask them to approve S401.

To write an email to all eight city council members, click here.

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