A big thanks to all the people who came together to save our parks and open places. And a great big thanks to Surfrider who busted their asses on this and it paid off. Thanks for lunch!

San Mateo Creek, one of the last undammed streams in southern California, flows 22 miles from its headwaters in the Santa Ana Mountains to the Pacific Ocean just south of the city of San Clemente.

The San Onofre Toll Road threatens San Mateo Creek, San Onofre State Park and Trestles – Southern California’s legendary surf break. Join Surfrider and a host of Southern Cali environmental groups at the Coastal Commission Hearing, February 6 @ 9 AM at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. For details click here.

Here’s what Trouts Unlimitted has to say about San Mateo Creek:
Historically San Mateo Creek, in the 1940’s and earlier had Steelhead runs of hundreds, and in some years thousands of fish. Since then, due to climatic change, drought, urbanization, and agricultural activity within the watershed, there has been a reduction in annual return to the point that Southern Steelhead, south of Malibu Creek, were determined to be extirpated or extinct. In 1999 a student at Saddleback College, going on a lead from his mom, that his dad used to catch Steelhead in San Mateo Creek, went fishing and caught a trout in the lower stream, near the Highway 5 freeway bridge. For more info on San Mateo Creek, click here.

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