King Tides Project at Rose Creek Salt Marsh and Estuary

December 4, 2021 - 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

San Diego

King Tide Project Image





Join the Friends of Rose Creek and our partners at ReWild Mission Bay as we document the King Tides in the Rose Creek Salt Marsh and Estuary adjacent to Mission Bay High and Barnard Elementary Schools.  We are pleased to welcome special guests: State of California Assemblymember Chris Ward (78th District); Mayor Todd Gloria’s Senior Policy Advisor, Randy Wilde; Council President Jennifer Campbell’s Environmental Policy Advisor, Jordan Beane; co-founder and original president of San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action plus current candidate for San Diego City Council (D6), Tommy Hough; and San Diego Audubon’s Director of Conservation, Andrew Meyer.

Bring your app enabled device and we’ll help you get set up to be a community scientist helping to project what sea level rise in our community will look like. Today’s tide is projected to be a 7’7″ tide which is very high.  Or download the Survey123 App (in English or Spanish) ahead of time.

The new moon takes place at 11:43 p.m. on Friday, December 3rd, so the full force of gravitational pull is in play.

Gravitational pull of ocean tidesWhen the gravitational pull of the Sun and moon are combined, you get more extreme high and low tides. This explains high and low tides that happen about every two weeks. Note: this figure is not to scale. The Sun is much bigger and farther away.

Use your smart phone or digital camera to participate in the Project by taking and uploading photos of king tides through the King Tides Photo Upload form. Start by choosing where you’ll go to take your photos and then look at the tide map below to find out what time and how high your king tides will be. Take your photos as near to high tide time as you can. Your photos will be displayed on an interactive map. (If you’d like to share a video clip of king tides with us, please email for instructions.)


In addition to uploading your photos, you can also share them on social media using #kingtides. We’ll be liking and sharing your posts throughout the King Tides season.

For more information on how to participate, visit the King Tides Project.