Free Spring Bird Walk in Rose Canyon

May 7, 2023 - 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

San Diego

Free Spring Bird Walk: A nearby nature adventure

Adults and kids welcome (we recommend age 9 and up)

We provide binoculars if you need them

Walks led by skilled birders

Why is spring the best time of year to see and hear birds in Rose Canyon?

Some migrating birds arrive in Rose Canyon, stay to find mates, nest, and raise their young here. Come fall, they fly hundreds or thousands of miles back to Mexico or Central America. Other birds stop over in Rose Canyon on their journey to as far north as Canada and Alaska. And some birds live here year round and are busy now: singing to attract mates, building nests, sitting on eggs, and feeding chicks.

Rose Canyon is a nature preserve in our midst. It is protected as part of the MSCP (Multiple Species Conservation Program), an agreement the City signed with state and federal wildlife agencies to protect habitat for native plant and animal species. MSCP lands also provide habitat for migrating birds.

Rose Canyon is part of the Rose Creek Watershed. All the water flowing through Rose Canyon makes its way south to lower Rose Creek and eventually into Mission Bay. This is a great opportunity to experience another part of the Rose Creek Watershed.

Birds migrate at night, flying high overhead. They arrive at dawn, exhausted and famished. Rose Canyon provides a place for them to rest and to hunt for berries and insects to refuel before they continue on their way – northbound in the spring and southbound in the fall.

Meet: Regents Rd/Lahitte Ct., University City

Please arrive 10 mins early to allow time to park and sign in

Please RSVP if you plan to attend – not required, but helps us know how many people to expect.