City Nature Challenge 2021: San Diego County

May 1, 2021 - 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Join the Friends of Rose Creek, the San Diego Natural History Museum (The Nat) and volunteers around San Diego County at the joyful work of Citizen Science by documenting the diverse ecosystem in which we are privileged to live.

San Diego is the most biologically rich county in the continental U.S.

Oservations along Rose Creek

San Diego County shelters approximately 200 imperiled plants and animals—more than in any other county in the nation. Endangered species include California songbirds, such as the least Bell’s vireo and California gnatcatcher; the arroyo southwestern toad; Stephens’ kangaroo rats; and San Diego fairy shrimp.

But we need your help to document every inch of this amazing county using and participating in the City Nature Challenge 2021 with the San Diego Natural History Museum.  For how to guides and trainings, visit the City Nature Challenge website.

iNaturalist logoEnjoy nature in your own personal way and join us as we document the amazing plants and animals of San Diego County. You can use the app or the desktop version of iNaturalist to add and identify observations.flowchart_inaturalise

The more observers and observations the merrier. This year’s event is perfect for family fun. Get outside with your household and document the amazing wildlife, bugs, plants, and fish that live along Rose Creek or any part of San Diego County!  Together, we can let the world know what is so special about San Diego County.